From a Limb

by The Study Band

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released July 1, 2008

All Songs Written By Eric Morelli



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The Study Band

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Track Name: Prologue
Women wearing dresses in the rain
Stones line these narrow walkways
And black cars still waiting at the gates
Peacefully displayed

Flowers perched on weathered granite
Some tended and some abandoned
Sure signs of how a life was managed
Or thrown away

The clouds sit dark as night
Green hills soft and wet as eyes
Rolling on for silent miles
As the sky cries and cries and cries

There's a picture resting in its frame
Beads of water streak down a familiar youthful face
They softly speak his name
And sing of leaving this world for a better place

It's a somber event
A beginning and an end
All seeming so unfortunate
Weighing tragic

With nothing certain to expect
Our bodies less than permanent
Should we grow bitter calluses
Lose ourselves in sadness

Every cruel word that was said
And this blood upon our hands
Is it all adding up against us
Or is it just breath and water

Every moment that we exist
Is it all just leading up to this
Life crescendos to our death
And baby now it's curtains

Baby, it's time for rest

Shovels scarring plots of sodden ground
An intricate bed, an intimate crowd
Trembling words cross a delicate mouth
Sleep now child, please sleep sound
Track Name: A Relative Argument
The way the seasons change
Am I just passing
Conversation as you drift away
A couple lines, a sordid note, briefly stated

I am no reason to stay
Sail off through the morning haze and I'm stranded right here
As our father's done
You're running out on me

And older brother

Outside the weather is getting cold
The colors are turning
On me
It couldn't be a worse time to leave

Listen to the voice on the radio
Are you planning to be
A necklace
When you come home

The way the streetlights hang
Am I just observing
An actor spot lit on the promenade
Reciting lines, slightly staged, you must be playing

So set on casting blame
Like stones against the crashing waves from some rotting, old pier
But if that levy breaks
Swept out to sea

And younger brother, what have you become
Don't think I haven't seen it
You lie to pretty girls just for fun
Oh how you make them yours
You say I'm like our father, that I'm on the run
You seem to forget how he used our mother
And left her such a wreck she couldn't care for us

To father's sin you sing along
While that bottle wets your lying tongue

Every night a different bird to keep you warm
Deceptions are fleeting
You'll see
It couldn't be a more obvious plea

Listen to the sound of your practiced voice
Are you planning to be
A puppet
When I get home

Be on your way
If this is how I'm figured out
Your hands are free for abandoning
Your little brother now

To call her mother is a stretch
She had a choice to make
And me I'll make my own
So tonight I drink alone
Track Name: Dearest Sophie, I'm Sorry
You're locked up in your house
Your pictures packed in boxes
Your sons have both moved out
And left you to fend for your own
And after all you've done
With your body growing old

But tell me, tell me
Did you ever sing to them
Or did work have you so tired
You would just send them to bed
How easily we forget

Your days spent in a chair
That window your obsession
You watch the frantic rush
Of life as it passes you by
Friends with city lights
Converse with neon signs

But tell, now tell me
Were you ever there for them
Or did grief and self pity
Take all that you had left
Oh lord, what a mess

And what of the father figure
Where has he been
She takes out that slip of paper she's read and reread
Decipher each word it said

Never really sure
What the hell he meant
That son of a bitch
She'd never see again

But don't blame it on the blues
Your sorrow gets the best of you
So dry your crying eyes
I'll give you the awful truth
You probably should have moved on with your life
Tell me, did you even try

Or perhaps I'm not looking at this right
True love's not that easy to come by
Track Name: Margery's Off-Key Temperament
In a high-rise on the south side
Taller than the tallest tree
Perched upon a piano bench
Little song bird won't you sing for me

But she's sitting real still
No, not a single peep
Weeks drag past as this episode
Repeat repeat repeats

And the silence is filled with such tension
The floor wouldn't chance a creak
And her shape held in such rigid form
The walls seem to breathe

And the sun appears at the window
Slowly setting beneath the frame
Gone to rise on a small lonesome town
That she left far away

We hear a rapping at the door
Her roommate enters with a tray
The meal is left like an offering
Juxtaposed against the empty space

Though that body must be starving
She doesn't turn her hollow face
Eyes dead set on the faded paint
In search of something lost, long lost, gone, misplaced

Her joints snap to the rhythm
As she's stamping those delicate feet
Sounding loud on the hard wooden planks
Sending aches through her knees

And the strings sound with a bang
From her pounding on the keys
Hitting hard no discernible tune
Just to make her hands bleed

She sings to herself I feel like I'm lost at sea
She sings to herself I think I need a drink
Track Name: Shipwreck in a Bottle
Take another drag from your cigarette
With your body propped up like a marionette
A glass in hand, drink on your breath
You drown the sorrows out

It's another night of loneliness
With a barstool as your only friend

I think the ship's going down
Bail out the water
Man the starboard side
Here comes another

Your head tilts back with a snap of the neck
The barmaids outline; silhouette
Your inside shakes, it's trembling
You barely hear the sound

That pretty girl and what she said
You're both feeling desperate

The tunnel's closing now
The light's getting softer
There's a blackout up ahead
We'd better find her a lover

And he sings to himself
I only wanted him to stay home
And she sings to herself
I only wanted to sing songs

So, keep the breathing loud

She takes your hand and leads you down
To the crowded floor you speak in shouts
You hold her close and kiss her mouth
With a practiced routine charm

In these chemicals you're nearly drown
But she's all yours now

The vessel's creaking loud
The mast snaps from the pressure
Waves pouring over the bow
There's been no break in the weather

You hold the door and lead her out
The silent air's a welcomed sound
Two shadows in an empty town
Walking arm and arm
A smile for endearing words
And a solemn loving vow

This trek has left you both cold
Your bed has so much to offer
But be careful lonely boy
You know that's somebody's daughter

And she sings to herself
I think I've finally found what I've longed for
And he sings to himself
At least tonight I'll stay warm
Oh, you should feel so ashamed

And now she's right where you want her

You've turned out just like your father
Track Name: Secondhand Affection
Just in the door
I see you shake to shed the cold
I take your hand to calm you down
And I take your coat

Those bitter drinks
Have you convinced
You remove your clothes

I speak so soft, my words are sweet
And I kiss you slow
To cover up
My true intention

And the feeling plays

Oh, pretty boy, where have you been
I was so alone
So many nights, I tried to sing
And couldn't clear my throat

Your soothing voice has me convinced that I've found a home
I'm seeing spots, my words are slurred, so I'm moving slow
To cover up my imperfections

And the feeling plays

You taste of smoke my dear
That's just the secondhand affection
Come morning I shall disappear
Wrapped securely in your blankets
You say I'm beautiful
Another doll in my collection
The feeling is (in)sincere

Clenched teeth holding back my thoughts
I scream for your attention
You know I do
And I don't
Love Love Love Love you
My tongue is taking all you've got
I offer no objection
The feeling is ringing in my ear
Track Name: Untitled
So you're in love with the idea of being in love
Where is she now
Your head's filled up with thoughts of a quote end quote us
So where is she now

Pictured in a room
Skin stretched over his frame
This Pollock mind and unreal city lights
Keep the moon and I at bay

A mask of bone wore under fleshy tone
In only the deepest shades
Transfixed in time, the stillest life
Stars fill this flooded grave

The artist's life's a dangerous one
So fragile and over dramatic
On red sky the passion of a lover's embrace
Nearly burns right through the canvas

In another time you imagine her face
With her body as the Violin of Ingress
For a kiss wrapped tight in a blanket of gold
So soft she'd close her eyelids

So you feel stuck in a pose for that girl you can't touch
So why hang around
Well if you must, come on and find the nerve "enough is enough"
Now, here's something I can't figure out

Pallid as a ghost
Hands pressed hard against his face
These Dali eye's lost in Edvard skies
Skew the village that I create

A vase is thrown filled with orange and gold
Though the silence never breaks
Empty reservoirs like canon fire
The biggest splash that he could make

The artist life's a dangerous one
So prone to delusions and madness
Through a desert he roams bound by lashes of rope
In a body that some sickness has ravaged

In another time you imagine the greats
Who suffered for the prized Galatea
A man alone in a cave and a soul
Ascetic for one beautiful idea
Track Name: Margery's Blood-Red Ivory
Stranded in his bedroom
The only sound a constant beat
As her heart keeps time
With the melody

Soft hands pressed down
On invisible keys
Her passion, her joy, her misery

You see that night her mind had worked
As her tired body slept
Composing, singing, screaming
Pianos dancing through her head

Now still tangled up in sheets
Long since abandoned there she lay
But he had fixed this broken record
That for months had repeatedly sang

This three room, two windowed apartment
Has become a prison with a mattress on the floor
That's become your nine to five

You sleep off this building frustration
And wake up just to find there's only more

Quickly walking home
From her vacated lover's bed
Replaying all those words she never meant

Up twelve flights of stairs
And through a familiar door
Barely paying mind to broken glass
Reflecting brilliance from the floor

Her body starts aching for the touch
Of ivory to her skin
The feel of tiny hammers raining down
Like bombs on the innocent

Poised so gently at the rail
Instrument love and hate
Polished wood and brass
Fingers run all eighty eight

Just keep pounding on those keys
You've got to make that piano bleed
The pain you feel
You've got to live with this disease

Just keep pounding on those keys
You've got to bend those strings until they scream
Oh mercy
Oh mercy, Mama, please
Track Name: Let's All Sin Along
How have you been getting by
Oh, dearest Mother
Are you still locked away inside

Because I've been needing
To find a place to hide
Far, far away from this world
So ugly, so cold and unkind

That and I miss you
You and your pretty eyes

Oh, young lover
I'm not who you were hoping to find
Sweet little lover
I've done this a thousand times

And I wish that I could stop
But oh, how I've tried
And it kills me to think
How each girl must have cried

So I'll give you the truth
The truth is I lied

Older Brother
They tell me we're winning the fight
Lost older brother
Please, please come home alive

And I've been thinking of you
These past couple nights
And as much as it hurts to see you go
You've got to do what you feel is right

But I want you here
Here by my side
Track Name: Losing Battles, Winning Wars
Eyes raised like curtains on opening night
Transfixed by the scene of bombs painting the sky
With God's voice a boom
In postlude to a brilliant flash of light

And bricks from the buildings are falling like leaves
They blanket the bodies as they drift off to sleep
What is all this for, Oh, a glamourous war
Such a clever deceit


Cold creeps like a ghost through the cracks in the door
And clings to the breath at every mouth that it forms
The living must confess, while the listless
Lie neglected on the floor

Ears tuned to drummers that march in the street
And one always stops dead when two drummers meet
They're playing to the tune the
Of better you than me

Baby brother, I hope this finds you well
And as much as the city tends to bring you down, do try and behave yourself

Oh Momma, I hope this makes it's way into your cell
Though i doubt it will

Well, what's done is done
No no no I won't dwell
I've seen enough of that in you
To be quite certain it's of little help
So won't you stop


But I'm sure the chance is thin
You've been deafened in what you've lost

And the world still spins
Our bodies step in time
And I know you were you only ever seeing him
I know I have that bastard's eyes

Like dust settles on the floor
I've fallen still in this abandoned place
Keep a careful eye on that window pane
Just because you hide doesn't make it safe

Track Name: Epilogue
Women wear a calming air of grace
Stones scrawled with countless birth dates
Those moments nothing could replace
Not time nor change

Small birds perched on steady branches
Sing soft in sweet abandon
Sure signs of why this life was granted
In spite of pain

Old friends stand side by side
Known before those creeping lines
Children grasping mothers tight
Avert their eyes, as they hide and hide and hide

No glance of useless blame
Not a word of unjust fate
Leave tired bodies where they lay
And clear the stage

If life feels different it's the same
It's the same
In a constant state of change
We're the same
Though we've seen better days
And understand we're all as desperate to explain

But it doesn't always work that way
Just see the night sky for the stars if you're still awake